Look and feel amazing for your wedding!

The Bride Groom, bridesmaid'(s), Maid of Honour even the guests all want to look their best for the wedding.

Everyone’s goals and wishes are different so we are now excited to offer BESPOKE WEDDING packages, tailored to you and you individual parties’ needs.

What the Colonic Clinic can do for you…

  • Whether you feel well already and just want to go the extra yard for the big day
  • Need to lose weight to fit into that wedding dress or suit –
  • Suffer with IBS symptoms or other digestive disorders, bloating constipation, flatulence that can affect how you feel on your big day
  • Would love you skin to be glowing and blemish Free
  • Be swimwear ready for the honeymoon


  • Silver, Gold or Platinum packages available depending on number of people in your party, your goals and time scale.
  • Discounts are available.
  • Call for an informal chat to see how we can help you on you special Day
  • Its been amazing to be able many people look and feel not just great but amazing for their big day.


  • I suffered for a number of years with stomach issues – mainly around irritable bowel syndrome and constipation, constantly feeling bloated and sluggish. Colonic irrigation is something i had heard about years ago and always thought about and had also been recommended so I went to see Debbie at the Colonic Clinic. The treatment was actually nothing like I expected, not painful and quite relaxing.

    Debbie was very wonderful, giving excellent advice, producing excellent results all with her infectious personality which makes you feel very at ease.

    After several visits and changes to my diet, I feel amazing. My skin looks the best it has in years; I have weight and have normality in my bowel movements! Mentally I am in a much better frame of mind, more on the ball and have unbelievably clarity of thought. I now understand what was happening in my body and how I was contributing to an already poor situation, I will never go back to that, I just feel to good plus I do love the positive compliments I have been getting recently, Thank you so so much Debbie

    We all needed different things but between the us we had a series of colonics, various enema’s and did the cleanse prior to my wedding day to make sure we felt and looked our best i particularly wanted to make sure i was ‘de bloated’, spotless and able to comfortably fit in my wedding dress….We all lost weight and looked and felt brilliant. Having colonics regular keeps me healthy and feeling great however the combination of everything leading up to my day just did make me feel a million dollars.

    I would recommend this to everyone.. thank you soo much Deb…. We’ll do it again before our holidays 🙂 x

    Lisa Holmes

Did you know...

90% of Disease begins in the bowel !


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